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Card backs
I like the cards in this game. But I think that something is missing. You know – cards usually have a front side and a back side. In this game, as far as I know, there is no such thing as back side.

My idea is to add a back side to the card from each zone. No matter how many cards you may have in a zone, you can put 1 back at a time to this card.  The card backs vary a lot – some are temporary, others are permanent. Some are common, some rare, and some – unique per player. Some are of normal quality, some are excellent, and some are legendary.

You may ask – why do we need this? I see that some players are a bit unhappy with the cards’ milestones.  Card backs will give a bonus to this, as well as other bonuses. The backs can be a part of post-inferno content – reach a certain inferno tier / or level and unlock some new card backs. They can also be included in card packs, which will make the packs more valuable. Or they may be bought with diamonds separately from the normal cards. Collecting card backs may provide another moment when comes to collecting stuff. I also believe that, with pretty card backs some players might even decide to collect IOU cards in the real life – for example – buy a real-life IOU card pack, containing some front and some back side, and you will get in-game resources as well. Note that players may be able to attach a front side with a back they desire. But real-life IOU cards are not the topic of this suggestion, just an example of card back use.

How it works – you may select a card back for the card of each zone and preview it in the game. Temporary backs, once equipped, last until they expire. Permanent backs, once equipped, can be swapped after a period of time. A player may have equipped as many card backs as there are zones in this game.
Here are some examples of card backs – note that they may be imbalanced – too powerful, or too weak – in the current state.

Temporary card backs – they can’t be unique, they give better bonuses compared to permanent backs, but are usable for a limited amount of time. Players may obtain such backs during random normal card drops, bought with gold or as a reward from chest claims. They may also be obtained via the methods listed above for permanent backs.

Extra – symbols. Symbols can be attached to a card back and they give a bonus in that zone. There is a limited amount of symbols. You can have 1 symbol at a time. It will apply to the currently equipped card back. After some time, you can change the symbol with different one.  They don’t have rarity but they gain experience points thus they become stronger after use. A way to obtain them – perhaps as a reward from some trophy milestones.

Example of card backs and symbols: Since I made a file with tables, and this forum doesn't support tables ( or does it?) I exported this file to google docs:

Note: you can copy and paste this url into your web browser.

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