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List of Suggestions
A lot of things in the game that have been around since the game launched are falling behind on how much they bring to the game, most of the changes that could be made to brighten up these features are mostly small, quick additions. Unlike most other idle games, damage gain in this game is painfully slow and linear.

DPS ABD/CBD rework: Both upgrades contribute a fair amount, but they need to be expanded upon. Most every idle game ever made has an upgrade system that includes milestones bonuses. Being the primary upgrade system, abd and cbd need milestone bonuses. It could be something like 1% damage increase per 25 levels, 5% per 100, and 10% per 1000. It'd give more meaning to the system and boost players along quite a bit.

DPS Card milestones: Once players start hitting the 100K and up milestones for cards, damage gain from cards starts to become a headache. Having to gain usually double the amount for the next milestone for a small, meaningless damage boost is obnoxious. Early on it was fine, but two years+ into the game, the system is starting to become outdated. Since it is such a huge aspect of dps though, I'd like to see a complete card rework. It wouldn't take more than a week to do, and it would again turn into a major dps booster. At the very very least, put in some type of % milestone in addition to what is already in place.

DPS Crit chance and crit damage: One of the most important upgrade factors in any major mmo is the CC and CD numbers. In this game, those chances have hard caps with no way to ever increase them with how they currently work. They can be increase for pets but both are not that good on pets. It depends on which mmos you have played, in the ones I have played over the years, the end game goal of all players was to achieve the max CC and CD numbers possible. In 3 or 4 mmos that I enjoyed, it was possible to achieve 90-100% CC and hundreds-thousands of % of CD after playing for a few years. I'm not saying this game needs a system to increase CC to 100%, but having a way to increase it at least another 25% needs to be implemented. Later on I'm sure gear will also contribute small CC and CD bonuses as well. This would be a huge dps increase.

DPS Trophy bonuses: Some type of bonuses need to accompany trophies. Bonuses that deal with every single individual trophy. Like damage % increase, card drop %, pet damage %, etc. Some of the more prestigious trophies would have multiple bonuses, especially chest claims, exp collected, gold collected, and time played.

DPS Level milestones: Same concept as abd/cbd milestones but higher % increases, earn certain bonuses every 25, 50, 100, 1000 levels. Perhaps increase the % gains further after certain milestones. As in the bonuses you get per milestone past 500 would be double what you gained pre 500, and past 1000 would be triple or some form of an increase.

Feature change Ability rework: Idk the specifics for this one, but abilities could be expanded somehow.

Feature change More woodcutting/mining upgrades: Mining could have more upgrades like % to proc additional stones, increased pickaxe damage, increase stone worth, etc. Woodcutting upgrades are fine but need rebalancing. Just like with CC and CD, crit cutting and double logs could be made to go higher without the scaling dropping off so fast.

Feature change Fish equipment cost change: The pearl cost mixed with how pearls are obtained is a terrible system. Again with the weird math, the amount of catches needed to get pearls gets more and more time consuming but the increase in catches needed to pearl gain is completely out of proportion to how much equipment costs scale up. Equipment level 7-8 alone is a wall, 8-9 is a massive wall that few will ever get past unless you dump tens of thousands of diamonds on fish energy. Then again, this is controversial to change because yes it needs a rework, but better scaling things is a slap in the face to the whales who poured diamonds out to push past the absurd walls.

Feature change Pet food gain: Pet training nowadays is pretty much worthless unless you are a new player. I might get 10 per train, but when I need over 2k food per level up, it does nothing. When pet arena was capped at 30, it took months to get each pet evolve for t9 and t10. Now that the cap has been raised, it still takes many many months to get 1 evolve per pet past t10. We got the pet map, but that's just a start. Pets need to be expanded upon way more. We need way more pet tiers with more sources of pet food to make it not feel like a lost cause when feeding them. Not saying we need 100 tiers of pets, then the uniqueness of each pet would be lost, but going up to 20-25 minimum needs to happen. It's not like everyone would get t20 overnight, only the whales would be that high, but the focus of the system would be to speed obtaining pet food so the tiers go by quicker than several months per 1.

Feature change Orbs: Orbs just need a complete rework, the system is so bad. Half the orbs are useless past 4* and the increase per tier is ridiculous. Takes something like half a year for a 6* if you FT sacs everyday. Takes like 5 years for a 7* doing the same. The tiers go up to 10 and beyond, orbs need to have their scaling completely redone. More orbs are needed, orbs for card gain, expedition points/gains, attack speed, etc. Since people have collected so many sacs to invest since orbs came out, a complete refund would take place after the rework.

Addition World bonuses: Some type of milestone system could be added to each world, like increasing card drop chance or card gain after reaching X amount of kills or X amount of cards earned in that world. Experience and gold bonuses could be added to an extent but that would lead people to not focus on other worlds if they have one world with higher bonuses.

Addition Update Countdown: It'd be cool to have a timer that counted down to when a patch is taking place. Since most patches are given around noon EST, it wouldn't be hard to sync it up near exactly when the patch is released. Also, it might help keep given patch timelines on track.

[b]Addition [/b]Visual card milestone on zones: Put in a system where you can select for a world what specific card milestone you are going for, use 100k for example. When 100k is reached on any zone, a small green check mark would appear below each zone(1-1,1-2,1-3 etc) where that milestone is reached. So instead of having to click every zone to see what you're missing, you can see it by scrolling the list. Even more, if the entire party is in agreement on which milestones they are going for, have a little green check mark appear next to their names in the bottom left if they have 100k on a zone. Since zones take quite a while to update player card counts when switching, the check mark can be a quick visual indicator.

Addition EP like system for time played: We have lineage to counter support, but EP is out on its own. As another progression boost, perhaps add in a system that uses the EP scaling(maybe a bit less, especially after the rework) but points are accumulated like they are with lineage, time played.

Forum New Section: It wouldn't hurt to add another forum section specifically for players who want to design and develop features for the game. Not talking about coding, but just very extensive blueprints for game features. For example, for any suggestions listed above, a player could take that idea and break down the numbers and develop the exact layout for the suggestion so it would be easier to implement.

Forum Forum surveys: Instead of just having point and click surveys in game, perhaps add a section for surveys so people can give detailed responses as to why they made their choice and why that choice should be the one to win.

The game needs to break away from linear increases and hindrances. The norm for this game development has been to nerf/hindrance things first, then work out a better system later. Small changes like these could start to open up the game a bit that let players breath. I know many people are frustrated with how limiting this games systems are. Every meaningful feature in this game has some type of major constriction that ruins it. We've had leveling hindrances for so long, why are these things still in caged?
I agree that all the things you listed need to be redone, but I don't like our proposed solutions. This idle games isn't like other idle games why try to make it something it is not.

The level milestone is the thing I hate the most. If you want to do something like that then destroy carries. Right now it is very easy to get carried all the way to 500 in about a week. Anything pre 1k might as well be considered low level.
Few more items added. Any good suggestions as responses, I'll add them to the list.

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