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Dev Diary 30 :: 2017 - May
Hey folks,

Not a significant blog here, just a timeline...

May 16th:
-Guild Rehaul Release
-Cleanups/Fixes to follow over the course of a week or so

May 18 or 19th:
-Assuming stability with the new patch, we'll be migrating the database over to a more robust server setup
-Looking at the resolution to PvP ranking mismatches. We have a new query setup to look at and resolve these issues, but we needed the new server build to make it happen.

May 26th:
-Next Event Release (Unsure which event just yet...too busy with other aspects to even think about it at the time of this writing)

May 31st:
-Guild Hall & guild quest/level-up release. Testing/discussion within the testing channels for this should begin around the 22nd
-New Big-Feature Survey release

June 6th:
-Library Building Release
-Short Term Survey release

June 13th:
-Aquatic Research Building Release

June 20th:
-Wishing Well building release (Moved from June 6th)

June 27th:

-New Global Event release (Based on 'Beasts' as an experimental release prior to actual Guild Beasts implementation for a taste of the system)

Plenty of other changes/additions can occur between these days, however this is the new timeline commitment we're anticipating 

I figured I'd give an actual timeline for things upcoming so you can have an idea when to expect things. To be safe on my end, I'm not writing anything beyond this timeline yet as it's impossible to tell what other priorities may be needed during and after.


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