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Dev Diary 29 :: 2017 :: April
Here it is, moments shy of May.

It obviously feels like nothing has been going on from most player's perspectives update-wise, but we're finally nearing the big patch.

Guild Rehaul
This is pretty much the sole talking point for this blog as it is what has been in major development outside of boring (to you) back-end work.

The guild system probably could have been released a short bit ago already but we've undergone a few big changes to how the system works compared to how it was initially presented to testers due to some concerns that had been raised regarding the inability to co-operate more functionally as a guild.

The toss-up at that point was dictatorship vs complete freedom of stone investment, and while there's arguments on either end, I went with a solution that seemed the most logical.

Words are 1/1000th of a picture though so lets get some visuals going here.

Main Guild Window
[Image: guild1.png]
The window that takes the cake...
  • Infinite room for building expansion
  • Quick & Easy Guild Dialogue control from the bottom primary bar
  • Arrows/Arrow Keys/ A & D hotkeys to scroll through the guild town
  • Designed to be able to potentially customize your guild lands and visuals down the road
  • Given the amount going on in the new window, a lot of optimization considering the visuals
  • Quality settings invoke performance improvements/changes depending on your setting 
  • Primary/Parent details all in one environment
So what's 'new' about this portion? Just looks like a shmancy way to show off the old buildings..
  • New buildings (some implemented, some not): Sawmill, Library, Beast's Den, Wishing Well, Aquatic Research Center
  • Need more pictures to show you!...below..

Guild Building Popup Window
[Image: guild2.png]
  • Invest ANY amount you want. 5 Stone? 5 Bajillion (if you have it)?
  • Earn Guild XP on each and every stone invested, instead of 1 per 1000.
  • Bonuses are added together based on Guild Global Bonus, Your personal upgraded bonus, wishing well (coming soon) bonus, and the guild's level (Quests - 2nd part of guild rehaul release). These bonuses are then MULTIPLIED with your existing rates, unlike previously where some were additive. This means you'll definitely feel the new rates as they increase.
  • No cap...and before you worry about there being some crazy exponential increase...this system has some of the softest caps in IOU to date for higher levels. There should always be something to work towards in the short-medium term, regardless of guild progression/size.
  • Personal bonuses act similar to guild XP bonuses from the old system...they carry with do your building investments!
[Image: guild3.png]

Who's a noob? I'm the noob. Sort your guild-mates investments in each building from largest to smallest or vice versa. Who needs some encouragement? Ray does, and maybe this ZRZ guy.

[Image: guild4.png]
  • Personal upgrades that improve the building's bonus. Spend your guild XP and upgrade any building level to your own choosing.
[Image: guild5.png]
  • Your usual MOTD settings
  • Enable/Disable buildings for your members to invest in. This does NOT prevent them from investing into personal upgrade bonuses though, that is their choice.
  • New open-join filtration settings: Level, Invested [total], Support Level, Lineage Level
[Image: guild6.png]
  • Summary screen detailing ...the summary of the guild. Bonuses [guild/personal], motd, and will also display the guild's current quest when that portion is released.
  • This window is subject to change drastically before release
[Image: guild7.png]
  • Member screen with more appropriate details
  • Full sort-functionality from high to low or low to high for Rank, Name, Level, Last Online, and Net Worth (total stone invested)
[Image: guild8.png]
  • Simple member interaction!
  • You can inspect guild members with ease
  • You can join guild mates whether they are online or offline, assuming you match the criteria and they have the join enabled
  • Simple Promote/Demote/Kick control, similar to before
And that's all worth sharing at the moment.

Bonuses are in real-time...even if you somehow get disconnected from the guild room your bonuses will not be affected and will be in sync!

Anything Else? More pictures?

[Image: tribalsmash.png]

Incoming improved 'Tribal Smash' challenge theme by Isael.

[Image: rats.png]

Improved Rats challenge cleanup by Isael

[Image: draggy.png]

Alas, one of the many dragons and settings for the future Beast system. 

All assets are pretty much done and ready to go for when the community decides to vote on the Beast System, for this Dragon-Themed beast series Smile
over 60 different types of dragons. Incremental backgrounds with new animated FX as well.

Tired of Pictures?
-Enter key will open the chat in most areas of the game
-Fix on damage tracking for trophies (sorry for the delay on that fix)
-Various other fixes likely not important enough to mention until the patch release
-Major back-end work. This has taken up a fair portion of our development time, but for the reason of low maintenance and improve functionality for the future. We currently are unable to log 'too' much information to avoid server lag / bog-down...with the upcoming back-end changes we should be able to shrink & grow at any size and remain sufficient, we can open API to developers, log every tiny transaction for improved support and redundancy on screw-ups on our end, and so forth.

Anyways...catch you in May (what is that? less than an hour and a half in my time?)


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