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P.I.C. - Community Competition!

Here's my take on improving sacrifices: player should be able to specify how many times he wants to make an offering, either by direct input from keyboard or using the arrows. Total cost is displayed instead of the "next cost". By default, the number of offerings is set to 1, and after each pressing of "OFFER" is reset to 1. 

New feature: Vote to kick a player from the party.
I party with random people. Sometimes the party is so good that it lasts for months without any of us even communicating with each other. The party could be perfect, if not for THAT one guy, whose DPS is way too low. That guy of course does not listen to us asking him to leave, so being lazy and not wanting to start a new party, we let him be, slowing us down.
This is an idea of a simple voting system requiring 3 players to agree that the 4th one needs to leave. One can vote another out, or cancel the vote. "Out" votes are red crosses, player's own votes are green.


improvement is in the options.
- display DPS: i dont think many people use the 5 second or 5 minute timer but most people use sheets. would it be possible to just add the sheet-calculation in the game?
- more options regarding what is on your HUD.
[Image: VwZuGT6.jpg]
[Image: ZMMIXme.jpg]


Bingo. It has been in development for some time but i heard it got cancelled. But i like to put it back on the table as a replacement for the daily login and codes.

Start screen:

[Image: uiViyj7.jpg]

So the idea is every day you can push the claim button and you ll get a random number from 1 to 25.
Then you click the number and under that number is a random reward like the daily codes we recieve.
After 15 days of logging in your screen will look like this:

[Image: u41GKkR.jpg]

If you can create a row, a column or a diagonal you can click the corresponding "?"-tile and get another random reward (but better then the daily number rewards)
Just like in the current daily claims, the further along the 25 days, the better the reward: The 25th claim you ll get your daily reward, a column reward, a line reward and maybe 1 or 2 diagonal rewards.
On the 26th login the board will be reset and you start over.
Ill let the devs decide the rewards for a yellow tile or a pink tile.

Originally i thought it would be nice that after the 25th login you get a lottery-ticket as a reward.
Then the first of every month all those tickets are put in a bowl and 3 random winners are drawn.
Those winners are then announced in game to everyone (like we now have when a partymember finds a better fish)

[Image: AYRmlhY.jpg]
What a wonderful idea for a community competition! 

Improved Design

[Image: 1zzozgn.png]

When you can claim your next level, the "Total Days needed: x" will convert into a claim button. There should also be a notification on the main screen telling you that there's a lineage level claim ready (I'm looking at you Ray!). The little boxes at the bottom could have the rewards (i.e +1000 pet food, +1750 AP) on hover. They are not in the boxes as I believe it would only make it look too clumped together with information. I'm going for a very simplistic approach here.

After seeing such great designs for the Challenge and Card displays, I figured they were already had it perfectly worked out, so here's my lineage level UI design! the lineage level display has, since its creation seemed very blank with no way to see other levels you were curious about, hence my design.

New Feature Design

[Image: 347e43n.png]

I'd like to propose a 'Character Info' dialog which can be dragged/moved similar to the chat. There is a button above the chat which allows you to 'Show' or 'Hide' the info. I have been working on something like this in my program for some time now, but I'm sure if it was implemented into the game itself it would be better. Although the colouring can be easily changed, I think a gray regen text that lights up when your max has been achieved with the timer now changed to "Max" would be quite nice.

One idea from Tarri relating to this feature is to have a button where the DPS tracker is, and this new dialog would now contain your DPS information as well. Below I have added a straight picture of the dialog as it may be easier to read and critique. 

[Image: fbj6ug.png]
Community helper
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Simple way to travel and change inferno tier


1. Improved Design:

At first i wanted to redo the Open Cards screen, but i think Immunk pretty much nailed it Wink
So here is my sketch of the Main screen, I really don't like the "Game" button and the submenu


2. New Feature Design

coming soon...
Here is my effort to make the challenge screen a little more user friendly Smile

Just click on one of the yellow buttons:

[Image: a6297014eb2446c487a28faf4bd94c7a.png]

And then you are on this screen:

[Image: 628def1fffba4d01849c1599058014b4.png]

And I think it's also easy to put in new challenges or even difficulties this way without making the navigation more difficult.

And one improvement I can think of is a buy all button in the ascention and trophies upgrades:

[Image: 318b61cc1a5349839e7a82a63756a6c7.png]

And that's it Smile

(Cleared should be xx/45 now btw, not 15... Just noticed Wink)

  1. Improved Design
    Manually adding quantity of upgrades.
  2. New Feature Design
    Inventory system = new tab, more damage, better game experience. More RPG.

IGN: Saturnyash
for everyone clicking as precise as i do sometimes :)

[Image: exp.png]
There's a lot of great ideas so it's hard to come up with someting new. Still found something that i would change:

1. Improved design - I would improve the ranking design with a searching option where you could just type someone's name  and then i would prefer a option where you could just choose page of top ranks.

2. New design - It can be quite a nuisance when you want to buy about 50 levels to base damage but you have purchase confirmation ON. Still you don't want to trun it off because you fear that you could accidentally buy something for AP so i come up with advanced options:
Great work guys, keep it up! To make things a bit easier going forward, please be clear on which is which in your submissions, and remember only submit two!
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