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Fire Clan IOU Multicalc
7.1.0 and "a" version in pets tab upgrade selector " 1 lvel" dont work - reset all values to 0 on list
(05-17-2018, 06:43 PM)damador Wrote: 7.1.0  and "a" version in pets tab upgrade selector  " 1 lvel" dont work - reset all values to 0 on list

Porkbob fixed this in 7.1.0b
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suggestion: for card numbers and other high numbers (for visual appeal) use custom number formats.
reason: lots of people are "scared off" of stuff that is not visually appealing as well as stuff that involves large numbers.
alt suggestion: in instructions add the guide to manually changing this. (go to format.numbers.more formats.custom number formats."enter format code provided")

examples of this use can be found throughout mystic empires data sheets
another example is this: (modified form of the card counter provided on the fire clan multicalc info sheet)
this shows the original format followed by the k format then the k/m format

ex: [>=1000000]#,##0,,"M";[>=1000]#,##0,"K";0
changes numbers to 100, 1k, 1m etc

ex: [>9999]###,#,"k";;#,##
changes numbers to 100, 1k, 1000k etc

*note: if done properly these do not affect calculations as it is just a visual change.
ex: the number 45598 will still be 45598 for calculations but visually will be shown as 46k
@TyhmaAave, yesterday I implemented that for the pet sheet dps/pp values. A good candidate because numbers didn't scale as hard, still in the 100M range for me and it works well until 100-1000B dps/pp range. Also, space is limited in the pet map. Quite a big UX change for readability.

We used,


One big drawback of custom number formatting is that it doesn't scale. You have a very limited number of conditions.

What numbers are an issue for you? Most things support K-Qi.

One thing about the card tracker is that all digits can be quite significant when you're doing packs. I used to use a mix of medium and small. Easier now though that porkbob implemented the more advanced pack selection.
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Custom number formattings are really nice, unfortunately googlesheets only supports having 4 different ones. We tried ages ago, the solution we have now is having visual cells that manually append formatting, but this makes it a bit awkward and adds extra cells.

I'm wondering if scripts could bypass this
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Hi there! I added some stuff to the "Party" tab.
I made a custom script that updates your DPS in the party tab. I don't like having to manually change the value every time, but directly linking it to the DPS tab causes the sheet to recalculate everything, which takes time and is resource intensive. The script is:
function update(){
 var cell1 = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet().getSheetByName("Party").getRange("J4");
 var cell2 = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet().getSheetByName("Party").getRange("K4");
 var dps = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet().getSheetByName("Main").getRange("R3").getValue();
 var dpsNum = dps.slice(0, dps.indexOf(" "));
 var dpsExp = dps.slice(dps.indexOf(" ") + 1);
You can follow the instructions here to find out how to insert a button.

I also added a dropdown menu by each user other than myself for "asleep" users. If the user is asleep (not dealing damage), you just switch the "No" (not asleep) to "Yes" (asleep). Then, the user is no longer dealing damage. To do this, you need to edit the function on Z4, Z5, and Z6. For Z4 (the first user), change the code as follows:
K7 is the spot where I put my dropdown menu.
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Could we update the multicalc to not show the same upgrade the amount of times the same node is in the same "center node" but just say upgrade all "autodamage node" in C4, that way it won't fill up with the same upgrade.
Hey, everyone. Due to the way the version checking system worked, I had to abandon the old MultiCalc URL—as it was disconnecting constantly from all the sheet copies out there which connected to the base copy, and became impossible to work on over the past year.

Gameinsky should update the OP at some point. But for now, the new URL can be found at
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Link has been updated in OP!
Status: Leader of Fire Clan (GL 636), Level: 25000+

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