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Fire Clan IOU Multicalc
Greetings everyone!

This is the currently maintained version of Zilla (Padd1ngton_Bear)'s multicalc. But he's been really busy with life so he agreed to pass it on my hands a few years ago now.

The sheet is the combined efforts of over a dozen people, who have done things from finding bugs to doing most of the calculations!

You can find the spreadsheet here:

It includes:
- /export support!
- Challenge calculator
- Card pack optimiser
- Fishing tab (Made by Gameinsky)
- Orb timer counter
- Expedition sheet (Made by Jiecut)
- Pet tab (Groundwork by IndigoFerret)
- upgrade optimiser
- Ship arena sheet (Joint effort by Koin, Momo, Jiecut, Gameinsky, Edu, WalrusRajere and Blackie)

Porkbob is the main guy doing most of the stuff nowadays with sporadic help of myself and Jiecut.
More credits are given on the sheet itself.
With several overhauls, we are pleased to announce that we have finally reached Paddington's goal of completely overhauling the sheet!

If you have any further questions I suggest you contact me on discord (same name).
Status: Leader of Fire Clan (GL 636), Level: 25000+
Is "Banking" in the hunting upgrades section supposed to be Coin count? because I don't see "banking" anywhere in my upgrades section..
yes it switched to coin count with xp per kill update
(07-30-2016, 12:31 AM)erebs Wrote: yes it switched to coin count with xp per kill update

Alright thanks Big Grin
Cool. I've been waiting for an up-to-date multicalc for a while. Can hardly wait for the pets tab to be updated.
I currently only have 2x level 1 Mammoths (the tier after Eternal Wyrm), but if there's any info I can get you, just let me know.
I love this. I'd like to point out that it seems there are a few values that don't export correctly. Current completed challenges, current cards, and some pet data didn't seem to transfer (not a big deal on any of these cases, but just something to consider). Not sure if anything else failed to export, but everything else looks right.
Current cards doesn't and will never be transfered over via import/export. Too much effort.
The challenges are indeed not being imported, must have been an oversight. It should work now. I also fixed the pet tab export failing.
I also fixed banking back into coin count, didn't realise that upgrade was changed back.
Status: Leader of Fire Clan (GL 636), Level: 25000+
One other thing I noticed from the previous version (that seems to still be true in this one):

Warning: What I'm about to point out is stupidly specific and probably not worth fixing (or reading). You've been warned.

On the Optimizer & General Instructions tab, for Expedition Optimizer, under the Cost column, the values shown become blank under a very weird condition. If you set any player's name under Party Roster to the word Max, the value for one of the expedition item's cost disappears. In other words, if someone in your party's name is Max (or if your name is Max) one of your expedition upgrades will end up costing nothing...

It's weird that I would even point this out, right? As luck would have it, one of the players in my party has a nickname of Max.

I'm sure you can imagine how serious and important an issue this is for me.
Oh wow, I have no idea how it ended up being that way but it checked the partymembers to see if the expedition upgrades were maxed.
That's now fixed.

Can I ask you though for next time to specify which cells are affected? It saves me time trying to look for them, thank you.
Status: Leader of Fire Clan (GL 636), Level: 25000+
Thank you for taking the time to create an updated sheet.

There is a bug in "MAIN" - Q27.  I have purchased all orbs and it tells me that the next orb to purchase is "Gold", where it should say "None"

Other "bugs"
* cell C3 in "optimizer and general instructions" is "=if(Main!G3=C42,"Max",INDEX(Data!G3:G753,match(Main!G3+1,Data!A3:A753,0))) " . should be =if(Main!G3=C42,"Max",INDEX(Data!G3:G1003,match(Main!G3+1,Data!A3:A1003,0)))
* cells C16 and C22 (same sheet) have a "+0.01" at end of formula which results in a value error when they are maxed

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