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New ideas
We may need a code that rewards you with 100 diamonds as a comensation to a maintenance, or a code that give you a lot of stuff to celebrate the new version...

I hope there's a lot of rewards when version 1.00 comes out, because we don't like random codes. If we post fixed code, like 250 AP, we will get more peoples to attract this game.
Gonna start out with one of the most common rewarding ways in social games - e-mail refferals. I don't know how hard it's gonna be to implement it, but sharing the game with friends and acquintances might improve the player base and the community as a whole... Atleast in my opinion.

As we are looking for a substitute of codes (which I like, because everyone can access them), maybe you could make another claim system or just double the current rewards for claiming daily login rewards or chests. 

More ideas to come in form, as soon as I can translate them to english in my head Smile If multiple posts aren't an issue ofcourse...

*ЕDITED* e-mail refferals, rather than just refferals.
refferal system is worse thing ever ppl will make alts and spam in other game chat rooms just to get reward from it it would only lower game rating
Fishy Slaughter Festival.

The idea is-- there will be one day announced, in advance.
On this day, whoever sacrifices the most fish guts wins.

Maybe a leaderboard with... rewards for 2-10; 11-20; 21-100; etc.

EDIT: Fish Slaughter Festival could reoccur.
Maybe quarterly?
With a permanent "leaderboard list" from each "season" ..or maybe just the top 10 or so ; each time.
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Yes about the referral system, ray originally planned it but received a lot of backlash from us because kong chat was spammed enough but referral links from another game, they are a reason for people to make bot networks which the game does not need, you edited it to say email referrals but there are plenty of programs that create temporary emails and this can easily be abused.

Please understand, this was intended to be more so community events to bring the community together more and have fun rather then bringing in more players, iou has plenty as well as more then enough ways to advertise the game
Seems like pretty much no matter what, the community event suggestions you guys have are going to be unfair to players in some way, so the only real way to create an equal community event is to have everything variable random, perhaps that's why Ray and Jay are focusing so much on this 'Bingo' system.
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no matter how it would look like there isnt many players who would be interested so it will fail anyway
How about a raffle?

Every say... week maybe? 2 weeks?

To keep it fair for the newbs, everyone can only buy 1 ticket per. If they choose.

One week, the raffle could be a cost of 50 S.O. to enter. If you win; you get the pool of all who bought a ticket.

Next time, it could be 100-200 AP (or whatever is reasonable)
Pet Food; all kinds of things could be used so its interesting each time a different reward.

Edit: Could be more then one draw so its not just 1 guy who is happy (the sole winner). For example.. Say 2,000 players buy a 50 SO ticket... thats 100,000 SO.

First draw is for 50,000 SO
Second for 25,000
3rd for 12,500
4th for 6,250
5th for 3,125

... you get the idea.
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