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Dev Diary 19 :: 2016 :: May
Hello May.

I'm sure you have all noticed how quiet it has become with me avoiding the front lines.

There has been far too much work (both in and out of the game) for me to jump into a whole lot of communications lately, but i'll go ahead and share the IOU portion of the madness.

This is next to complete, however we just need to fix some minor kinks and speed up the migration process to diminish the downtime caused by it. We've cleaned up many of the most severe issues (rollbacks / stuck loading character screen) with this, and just have data migration-created bugs to clean up at this point.

Further publishing is upcoming and some changes have had to be made to ensure this is possible.

UI Restructure
I have been working with the arthouse on improving the interface, among follow ups with the design changes with monsters and other assets.

[Image: 32.jpg]

Plenty of work ahead on that, and we likely won't see the new UI in action for a couple months, but it's heavily in the works.

Offline Gains (Well, online too)
We're moving forward with this in the test server today. I'm thinking a simple presentation on XP and GOLD per minute will suffice for now as it gets tweaked in the coming weeks.

[Image: xppm.png]

Upgrade Map
It's hard to show its current state right now since the map is just so gigantic, and zoom in/out feature isn't implemented yet. It's nearing a higher focus once migration is complete.

A lot of people have shared their excitement in this system while not yet having much to go off. So here's some of the design assets (by Isael). I'm pretty excited myself for this system:

[Image: upcoming.jpg]

So I apologize for not being on the front-lines as much, but there's just an incredible amount going on that I personally feel needs more attention to avoid further delays.


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