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#BlameBob - Finals Bracket!
#BlameBob for Rage's karma.
IOU Magsie
IOU Score 28684
Guild Holy Warriors (#9)
(10-27-2015, 03:54 AM)Magsie Wrote: #BlameBob for Rage's karma.

Hehe I had-100 before some haters who know I want - have been +.
Wait...I swear I closed this thread. O.o

Anyways, I apologize for kinda forgetting about this...for two weeks.  Things came up.

As for the question of the winner, I am taking only the votes posted before my original cut-off.  And I've been double-checking things in the interest of fairness.  Even going to have to resort to weighing the Chatzy vote here, which was substantially different than the forum voting -- and in doing so, I will announce RealyFluffy as the winner of the community vote!  Congratulations!

[Image: ee99fa6a4a4aaf65f12dd1a9a44a5cad.png]

However, there are three more winners decided by Ray and myself.  I will present them to you now:

Lolleh:  The picture and the caption really looked well done, and made me laugh.

[Image: En0v3lK.jpg]

matt777:  I've been trying to set these lyrics to music for a while now.  Surely you had an original song to base these off of, and I'm curious to know what that is.  (Not much of a music buff, admittedly...)

Does your party keep disconnecting?
Is the game lagging?
Blame Bob
Five food from a code
Kicked for doing challenges
Party left you alone over night
Blame Bob
Computer overheating
Energy bills keep going up
Running low on money to support my addiction
Blame Bob
Wife's mad at me for spending our food money on a game
She packed up her stuff and took the kids with her to her sisters house
A month later she divorces me and takes full custody but I got what I wanted
Blame Bob
Just a computer and me in this empty house
No car to get to work so I sit and watch the experience go up
The power goes out and I'm all alone with one single thought on my mind
Blame bob

mars111:  Ray personally voted for this one.  It was cute (and accurate, we have had to deal with that issue recently).  Maybe Ray's still got a bit of a thing for entries done in Paint, due to the last competition.

[Image: 762353766488c0e23063e3fa81556ba6.png]

I'll see how far Ray is coming along implementing the rewards, and probably contact everybody via forum PM's when they're ready (so I know that I'm not mixing up any names).  Apologies if the conclusion to this contest seems so delayed, you can certainly...blame Bob. Cool
Okay, I know this is a bit late and all, and I sincerely apologize for dropping the ball here. The rewards should finally be sent out (except for a couple people who I couldn't get in-game names for).

To get your rewards, open up the console (F2 key) and use the /get command. Let me know if there's any problems.

Note: The prize packages may have been amended slightly, specifically the card pack. Wink

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