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#BlameBob - Finals Bracket!
That mutt one was so good.
#8 Azukana
#2 Lolleh
#6 Buckey1andonly
#4 andez
Alright, that cuts off the quarterfinals. Going to tally up the votes...

Moving on to the semi-finals we have:

Azukana (simpler meaning of life)
RealyFluffy (minimum card drops)
Gannon (Easter cancelled)
Andez (local man ruins everything)

The brackets are as follows, but they'll also be updated in the first post so you don't have to look for this one.

Azukana v Gannon
RealyFluffy v Andez

Voting begins now, and semi-finals will end on Friday night's midnight rollover.
Votes go to :

Gonnan (2)
Andez  !
Back Online
Match-up 1: Azukana (Bob still hasn't added a rule against it)
Match-up 2: Fluffy
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Match-up 1: Azukana
Match-up 2: Fluffy
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Akuzana and
Azukana and RealyFluffy

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