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#BlameBob Community Judging Round
Blarog (#60)
RealyFluffy entry #2 (#22)
DarkThievin (#39)
Andez - Click Heroes
Andez for using homer
And realyfluffy
Didn't find about the #BlameBob community contest on time to make an entry. #BlameBob

I vote for Blarog (#60)
I blame bob for letting my cousin that just started get 3 mediuns packs and smalls, while all i get is small and tiny! #blamebob
Spatulee #28 because thumbnail size makes it so bad that it's good.

Iodine #30 because I respect a fella with Photoshop.

Mars111 #58 for drawing like a sweet, sweet angel.
Azukana #34 Entry 1
EdenTier0 | Level: 200 | IOU Score: 17,862 | Cards: 48,586 | Event Points: 540 | Forest 24 | Mine 103
Days Played: 516 | Guild Upgrades: 25 Dmg/8 Pet/10 XP/30 Gold | 4* Dmg/Wood/Stone/Gold Orbs
Total Gold: 346b | Total XP: 188b | Support Level: 8 | Lifetime Kills: 26.4m

Shoutout to my guildies in Love!
#39 (DarkThievin)
First part of #22(Realyfluffy)
~~Proud Leader of Eden Regenesis~~
"Only through power and cooperation can we re-grow the original Eden"
Okay, I think we have reached the end of the judging round. Since I'm technically part of this community too, I hope nobody minds me throwing in 3 votes of my own... Wink

(Note: this is from the perspective of a player, not necessarily that of a judge -- although I did subsequently break ties by favoring my votes. #BlameBob)

• Gannon's second entry -- that poor Easter Bunny...
• Mars111 with the cute, if glitchy, image of a pet arena boss. Maybe we should've waited to tweak things... XD
• bucky1andonly's second entry -- being a bit of a techie myself, I could completely identify with that blue screen of death!

I will have the brackets set up shortly for the finals (in one more thread). Once the finals begin, I will announce the contents of the prize packages (but not necessarily how many winners there will be). The Community Choice left standing at the end of this week will be guaranteed one of these grand prize packages.

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