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Data usage for mobile?
So, I have a strict data plan... and was wondering how this game does on data usage?
I'm assuming being that its online it eats up a lot ... but how much how fast?
Is it like every hit sends data? o.0 id guess so.. prob wont be able to play without true unlimited data..
My data collected over the last month shows that the game transfers about 10-12 MB per 1-2 hours, depending on variety of factors (idle only or active "clicking", being in party or on your own, mining/woodcutting/training/pet arena). When my PC is out of reach I leave the game on full time only when I have it plugged into a charger and when I have wifi connection. Otherwise, I mostly log in to collect stuff and log out.
I haven't tried it yet, but you could see how much data is used from the app just on wifi first, then you could extrapolate to see if it's worthwhile for you to use your cellular data at all.

It would surely be a battery hog with the screen on so long, so it might not really be feasible on a lot of devices without being plugged in anyway.

If you can leave your pc on instead, you could remote in as needed to do your IOU errands then leave it idling happily on its own the rest of the day.
If i'm being completely honest, I imagine not so great on data currently. I'll likely use compression for bigger packets down the road.

Good question though!
In an on-the-go, mobile world it's essential to stay connected. But it's also essential to keep potentially high data usage down.
I'm also worried about disconnecting on my computer when logging on my phone. At the moment I use Teamviewer to connect to my computer to play IOU such as to not disconnect it.

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