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Two issues with mobile.
Hi, I noticed 2 issues with the mobile version.

1.The game drains battery on the phone pretty quickly. Also when the phone screen is turned off/locked, I feel the phone getting hot as the game probably uses phone's resources to render all the stuff on the screen (which is not active). Would love to see response if my theorycrafting is right.

2.Game turns totally off when phone turns on more important apps (like phonecall, launching clock alarm or google play updates) and restarts (not sure if it restarts by itself and sits on login screen all the time or the OS "knows" this was the last app running in the foreground and launches it after unlocking the screen) - I'm not saying it's bad, I'd say the bad thing is after restarting you need to put your login credentials again. So let's see a real life scenario. I play IOU on my PC during the day. When I go to bed, I turn off the PC, plug in my phone, log in to IOU and leave it for the night. Then for example google play decides to update something. I don't notice it until the time when I wake up and see that I've been offline for 3 hours or more.
Android will shut down apps when it needs the memory for more important tasks as you've seen. I'm not sure if a higher memory device will eliminate this issue though. Possibly memory management settings will help?

The mobile app is not a great solution for idling long-term in its current form. Down the line, this will hopefully change.

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