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Feedback and suggestions
I have been trying out the mobile version for more than a day, and have the following comments. Some may have already been mentioned by other users.

1. Currently the game runs in a fixed landscape orientation, it would be great if it can auto-rotate to the other landscape orientation as well. Users with handphone casing tend to favor one landscape orientation over the other. 

2. It is too easy to logout of the game when I hit the back button out of habit or accidentally. I would suggest that the back button only hide the app and have a separate logout menu. This is an idle game after all, why would I want to logout?

3. This is probably not a major concern if #2 is fixed. Having to enter username and password to login each time is irritating, most mobile games save the account info in phone and never request for login credentials. Alternatively, allow me to save my password, or at least the username.

4. It is a known issue that some buttons are difficult to hit. The small yellow dot for selecting the tree is especially annoying. I could spend 5 sec trying to hit it. 

5. Because of the lack of keyboard, the fast chopping of trees and fast mining feature is not available in mobile version. Would suggest to add a button for that.

6. My biggest complaint for the mobile app is the moving banner for notifications. The banner is mildly annoying on the web version. But on the mobile version, the banner covers the screen for a longer period of time since the graphic refresh slower. The best example of this problem is buying/research stuff in the event page. When I buy lots of upgrades in one go, the screen will be cover by banners for the next 3 seconds. Suggest to make the banner smaller, perhaps covering only one fifth of screen width. Or even remove the banner total and just add the notifications to a new chat tab.

Looking forward to the next mobile version
What this game has a mobile version released?
yes Ray focus on the Mobile version at we speak :v
It's not yet released, it's still in testing phase
Testing phase, and entirely untested (by me) right now. Focus will begin on it in the next month or so.

Thanks for the great feedback Swofle Smile

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