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Ascention points reset? Please? - nidere - 08-03-2017

Hello there dear developers!

On behalf of all idiots (and I am the dumbest one) who have spent all their asc points on some crap just because of curiosity or lack of information about the update I greatly ask You to provide a one-time reset mechanic.

Yes, I know about the 10 reset codes - and yes I've screwed all of them because of my stupidity.

I am willing to pay any fee for that mechanic - otherwise it'll take a couple of month for me to rearrange the points one by one...

Seriously: it's my fault and I am ready for the costly consequences, but please have mercy and don't make me lose two month of play.

The update was as not-foolproof as it could possibly be and I am sure there are quite a lot users suffering the same shame as me.

RE: Ascention points reset? Please? - ExWhiteWolf - 08-04-2017

Believe it's been stated that there won't be a full reset past the 10 codes. Mainly due to the fact that the "exploit" that Ray was trying to prevent would be 100% completed by all the people who did it.