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Kbueno's Feedback - kevinjojo - 09-24-2015

Hello all,
After testing the game on my One Plus One, Here is my feedback:

Positif Points :
-The game is working. No Crash. No Error or else.
-All the game mechanics works and also all minigames/challenges .
- The Game works on BACKGROUND even while a call and this is perfect Smile 

Negatif Points :
- The game may come very laggy with high quality but awful quality is GOOD enough for mobile version (almost no difference)
- The buttons are sometimes a bit small for my finger so for phones with smaller screens, it's worst
- No screen rotation yet.
- No ingame purchase system associated to google play accounts (Assuming this is beta this is normal)

Game Bug found : (most of them I gues is due to the version differences (0.50zeta))

- 0 coins/gold/ap won after every monster (but real amout increase after some delay)
- Listing guild is impossible
- Clean energy event still visible (but not working so don't try to rush to mobile version for this reason xD)
- When trying to chat or trying to change room, you are focused back to Region discussion tab. So almost impossible to talk to a party or changing room channel

That's all for now Smile

RE: Kbueno's Feedback - Ray - 09-27-2015

Thanks for the feedback - i'm slowly but surely starting to focus on mobile elements. Right now i'm working with the artist on preparing a UI for the new chat system so it will work on any resolution and be prepared for touch screen and so forth.

I expected mobile to be a lot more prepared by now, but focus with Kongregate and Yahoo has moved those expectations all the way until late 2015, early 2016 likely before going haywire on it due to the new avatar system and complete overhaul of graphics coming soon.