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AT2 lvl 200 ...cant go higher - Slaz - 09-18-2015

i have an alt that is perm AT2 and its now lvl 200

no matter how many times i refresh its still stuck at 200

is it possible for a character to go to 201+ without reaching inferno?

RE: AT2 lvl 200 ...cant go higher - Wildfire2099 - 09-18-2015

200 is the max level until you ascend again to inferno... there's really no purpose in delaying, AFAIK.

RE: AT2 lvl 200 ...cant go higher - Hipoo - 09-18-2015

Some people create alts and decide to not ascend in order to power level new players/alts/friends/guildies. And that's pretty much the only purpose of not ascending.

RE: AT2 lvl 200 ...cant go higher - Wildfire2099 - 09-18-2015

Yeah, but you can team with the same people in inferno... that's really not an issue then... just for the 1st two.

RE: AT2 lvl 200 ...cant go higher - Xblugs - 01-05-2016

If you stay in AT0 after level 200 you miss inferno bonus, inferno card drop and more i don't know why you would want it to be uncapped (as only alt stay long enough to reach it anyway)

RE: AT2 lvl 200 ...cant go higher - Wildfire2099 - 01-05-2016

(01-01-2016, 03:59 PM)pimc Wrote: that is STUPID, remove the 200 cap
what is your problem if i want to stay in A0 ????

It's not a problem, but it just doesn't make sense.  There's no benefit to you or anyone else.   I really don't want Ray wasting his time on stuff like that when he could be making us new stuff.

RE: AT2 lvl 200 ...cant go higher - Alice - 01-19-2016

The level 200 limit in <AT3 is intentional. I have an AT2 alt of my own at level 200, and for that stage in the game, a level 200 is absolutely sufficient. Ascending to AT3 gives access to inferno difficulty tiers, and also allows for your character to gain inferno levels. It's the design of the "Inferno" gameplay mode.

I don't think that removing this restriction would positively impact gameplay.